I am a freelance graphic designer based in Paris, France. I help brands growing their business by improving their visual identity.

My practice focuses on storytelling and typography with a particular interest for the fields of music, sports and fashion.

All my type design knowledge is from an autodidact practice. I am sharing my humble fonts on this website only.

It’s Nice That, 2021.
Base10 exhibition, 2021.
New Aesthetic 2, 2020.
Brutalist Websites, 2017.

Font licenses

● Open-source fonts
What you can do : download, use, modify and redistribute the font freely. Mention me in your project credits.

What you can’t do : sell the font by itself.

● Paying fonts
What you can do : when you buy a font license, you buy the authorization to use it for any of your projects.

What you can’t do : modify, sell or share the font to a third part.

Mockups informations
Our mockups are easy to use. Just place your work directly in Photoshop with smart object. We recommand you to use the latest version of Adobe Photoshop for the best use.

Mockups are nonreturnable, nonrefundable and cannot be shared.

Payment is securized via Gumroad and Paypal.

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