Mickaël Emile

CV, 06 59 62 26 12, Instagram, mickaelemile1[at]gmail.com


+33 (0)6 59 62 26 12



I am a freelance graphic designer based in Paris, France. I am graduated from a Master Degree in Graphic Design where I acquired a multidisciplinary practice. I love simplicity, smart ideas & great typography. I have a particular interest for the fields of music, sports & fashion. I also have an experimental practice on both augmented and virtual reality.

Feel free to contact me for freelance work, any inquiries or just to show some love.

Fonts licenses

Purchase a license
Send me an email specifying which font you want to purchase. For the moment, I only accept Paypal payment. (Then please don’t upload and share the font files on public accessible servers. Yes, I know getthefont too.)

Open-source license
The SIL License allows you to download, use, modify and redistribute the font freely as long as they are not sold by themselves.

Please send me your work if you use my fonts to feature it on this website and instagram. ✌️